I have been making skincare since I was a child. My mum would use whatever ingredients she can get hold of - tomato, eggs, herbs and even rice water. To her, that is the way of life and she knows no other way.  Even till to date, mum is still using soap bar made of rice.  Being very much influenced by her, I tried making my own skincare too. 

When I started work 34 years ago, I was very much attracted by the famous brands but over time, I realized I was either allergic to it or I found them ineffective.  So here I am, reverting back to ways that I know. 

To me making skincare product is not rocket science but pure cooking skill.  Like cooking, you need to understand your ingredients, how it would react under different situation and what kind of technique I should use to yield the result that I want.  Therefore, sourcing for the right ingredients is very important to me. I explored and understood what is the best and only use the best that I could find.  I use ingredients from trusted source, creating trusted products that do what they say they will and feel great on your skin.

Not all skincare are created equal and what distinguishes my skincare product is it has much fewer ingredients than traditional commercially produced skincare.   I try to obtain as much from naturally occurring materials as possible.  To me less is more.  I like to do away fillers, unnecessary suds and nice texture that is created synthetically.

If you hold the same beliefs as me, let me invite you to give my skincare product a try.  I am sure you will feel the difference.