Hyaluronic Acid (30ml)


This hyaluronic acid helps to smoothen and plump up the skin almost instantly. 

Hyaluronic Acid is found in our skin and over time, it has been depleted.  By applying the HA helps to trap the moisture and smoothen the skin.

For more information, please refer to The Face Product Chart

When to use it

  • Cheek is too dry with oily t-zone
  • Skin need extra water


1% low molecule weight hyaluronic acid

0.2% high molecule weight hyaluronic acid

0.5% germall plus

98.3% distilled water

Low Molecule Weight Hyaluronic Acid

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is formed by chopping it into smaller fragments can hydrate deeper and penetrate better into the skin

High Molecule Weight Hyaluronic Acid

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which has a larger molecular size holds onto water at the surface of the skin

Therefore, in my personal opinion, a performing HA need to have a combination of both working as a two pronged approach for better result.

Recommended Use

You can treat it as a serum and apply it after toner or add on to your daily cream to apply. 

Great for the rest of the body too.

I have deliberately made  it really affordable for you to do so.  You need to papmer yourself, especially your hand after a hard day's work.

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Singapore Singapore

My face is extremely dry around the nose & cheeks and that causes eczema. With HA, the dryness is gone and no more itchy bumpy face! Like what my friend who recommended the product to me said : your face is like a desert and that's why the HA gets absorbed so quickly! Amazing !


Hi Hoon Great to hear that your dryness and itchiness is gone!

Amanda .
Awesome product

Just received my bottle of HA and I’m completely blown away by how awesome it is! I applied a few drops of HA on to my skin and it just got absorbed within seconds. My skin became so soft and it did not leave behind Any oily or sticky feeling. I tried it on my ever sceptical Husband and he’s also in shocked by how well and quickly the HA was absorbed into his skin! We can’t stop touching our skin after that. Definitely will be back for more!


Hi Amanda Thank you so much for loving it and sharing your experience with others! Small business like mine need word of mouth and and I am grateful for your continuous support.

Pek l.
Singapore Singapore
Smooth as Toufu!!

A mighty little bottle brings wonders to the skin. Just tried the HA for the past weeks and the results below me away. With just a few drops, spread and massage HA on face, and within seconds, the face feels so smooth. It is so smooth that it reminds me of my babies' bottoms when they were young and I simply could not stop touching my face! Had recommended this to my friends and colleagues. And they were all in awe at the amazing smoothness it delivers with just 1 drop.


Yes, the HA is everybody's new favorite now. I personally cannot get enough of it.