Epsom Salt


Epsom Salt is a mineral compound of magnesium sulphate – MgSO (Magnesium, Sulphur & Oxygen).  Magnesium regulates the activity of over 325 enzymes, reduce inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function, prevent artery hardening. Sulphates help to improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and ease migraines.  Some said it helps to improve the condition of depression too.

Epsom Salt is known to protect the elasticity of the arteries, prevent blood clot and improve blood circulation.

How? Soak some epsom salt into a bathtub of warm water. Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes to get the maximum benefit.  If you can’t soak in a tub since not everyone owns one in Singapore, at least soak your feet 3 times a week.

Another question is to rinse or not to rinse?  Of course, we do rinse! The salt has draw out the toxin from your skin and you need to rinse them off. For me, it should be the last thing I am doing before I turn in for the night.  This ensure that I do get a good night sleep as well.

I personally think that this will help with my high blood pressure and heart issue that I have.  Epsom salt is the most inexpensive way to improve my health in this instance.

In Chinese it is called 泻盐 aka diarrhoea salt.  The salt can be used to treat constipation, detoxifying agent for colon cleansing.  However, I must warn you that you cannot consume Epsom salt without the guidance of a physician.


Remove hairspray – Combine 3L of water, 1 cup of lemon juice and Epsom salt.  Keep the solution for 24 hours.  Pour over the dry hair and leave it for 20 minutes before shampooing as per normal.

Hair volumizer – dissolve equal part of Epsom salt and in warm water, mix well with conditioner and leave in hair for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Scrub – 0.5 tsp Epsom salt, 1 tbsp sweet almond or jojoba oil and 0.5 tbsp baking soda. Mix them into a paste and massage around the face, rinse thorough

Soothe sprain and ache especially after sports.  Soak the leg in warm water salt solution for at least 20 minutes to relive the pain.

Gout - This is to ease the discomfort by reducing inflammation.  Soak the leg in warm water with 2-3 tbsp of salt.  I personally think that a few drops of lemongrass essential oil will accelerate the recovery.

Product Origin and Info

This salt is from UK


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