Clay Mask


Clay in a Jar was made when most of my customers told me that they need a deep cleansing mask, but they just didn’t want to make it from scratch on their own.  This mask is meant more than just for the face.  I use it on my face, scalp, all over the body, my back (elaborate below) and armpit J

I have this strange spot on my back that itch now and then, I tried brushing my back while showering, scratch like crazy sometimes, but it just annoyed me to the max.  I realised that when I applied some thick paste on it and wash off later.  The itch will be gone for a long while, easily a few months before it returned. I blame it on Singapore hot and humid weather for the growth of bacteria and this clay paste does the trick by killing the bacteria.


Bentonite Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Water, Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E

Recommended use:

Recommended for face, scalp, neck, back (if you get constant itch), arms and leg.
Apply with brush or just hand.  Scoop a tablespoon each time and spread evenly at desired area.  When it is dry, rinse off.
Some of you may experience some pulling/tingling sensation or even itch, this is normal as it is part of purging
Warning:  Do not use metal spoon or tool in metal to apply, the clay will lose its efficacy.

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