I love fall because I always feel that I am a step closer to Christmas.  Something seems to be special in the air when fall arrives.  The stew, the pies, the hot creamy pumpkin soup, the smell of cinnamon warmed my heart.  My grandpa used to slowly get busy in the kitchen preparing for Christmas, soaking the fruits with brandy, making jam, stollen and sausages.

Though I live in Singapore all my life but I used to be fostered to this old couple whom I fondly called grandparents when we are not related in blood. They worked for the Catholic Church where Fathers from different countries resided.  They took every reason to celebrate every festive season and I stood to take advantage in every possible way. 

Afterall, I was that cute little girl that ran around the church where no one could resist me.

So, to celebrate fall, I like to share with you my two favourite little hero.
While I totally understand why the Every Day Oil, Every Day Facial Wash and Every Day Toner is such a hit among you. 

I like you to know that the Every Day Face Gel and Every Day Eye Gel are equally good and important.  To help you to experience the goodness, I am offering the bundle deal this September.

Buy Every Day Face Gel and you will get Every Day Eye Gel at 50% off, that’s right, $19 off.

I know that some of you got pretty confused at how it works.  Just add both items in cart and the discount will be automated.

Most of you know that apart from the Every Day Oil, my second pride and joy was the aloe vera gel cream.  I sought for a long while to have a cream that is suitable in our tropical weather.  Moist enough, not too rich especially in the day, easy to apply on and preferably cooling on the face.  Difficult to achieve?  I thought so too but I have managed to get it right after throwing away many kilograms of aloe vera gel.

Now Every Day Face Gel  has evolved into a much better, sophisticated, even better ingredients in it.

Likewise for Every Day Eye Gel, I use the same principal but added ingredients that are beneficial for the eyes to reduce puffiness, dark circles and little crow feet from crawling out without giving any burden to the delicate skin around the eye.

With $19 off for the pair, it is indeed a good time to restock or try the two little unsung hero.

Recently, I have received a lot of request for trial set.  Rest assured that I am working on it.  I have finally found suitable bottles and pouch.  The set will consist:

  • Every Day Facial Wash 30ml
  • Every Day Toner 20ml
  • Every Day Face Gel 20ml
  • Every day Eye Gel 10ml
  • Every Day Oil 2ml
  • Every Day Sunblock 20ml

Total price work out to be $60 but I will be offering at $40. This should launch around mid-September.


Note: This picture is only for illustration purpose.

Another item that I have been working on is soft clay mask.  The type where the salon is using where you should dissolve them in water and mix them into a paste and dry as a peel off mask?

Using that every popular Hyaluronic Acid and many other goodness, I intend to sell it as a one time use sachet.  In this way, you only buy what you need or bring what you need overseas.


Talk about Hyaluronic Acid, I am so grateful that it has been so well received!  By the time this newsletter is out, I should only have a couple left in stock or completely sold out. 

I don’t know.  Let’s see. 

I cannot tell you when will the next batch be ready as you know I am extremely particular about the ingredient and once I settled with that, I really don’t want to change. 

This applies to Hyaluronic Acid as well.  So please bear with me if it takes a little while to arrive but you can be rest assured that the wait is worth waiting for.


Have a blessed month ahead!