Every month when I prepare the newsletter, I always feel how time flies.  Last September was a great month, not just because of the sales.  We have many new customers and I have made many new friends.  On top of that, many new product ideas has been generated.  Isn't it exciting?

Our Usual Monthly Bundle


Every Day Facial Wash is considered a turning point for me as I started to explore a whole new world of different kind of ingredients.  
Some people may think that I am so good in Science and I have to make it clear that I am terrible in it. For the last few decades I have been accepting the fact that I have zero knowledge in Science.  But my latest passion has proven myself wrong.  I got so interested that I have been studying and seeking guidance from experts.
This new world is interesting and it shakened my believe that I am bad in Chemistry.  I am happy that I have broke away from my own little circle and moved on to another level of creation.
The facial wash is my new pride and joy.  It cleans well and removes makeup, yet it is so moisturising and gentle at the same time.
For the toner, I used to carry the basic version with witch hazel and aloe vera water. But as I explore further, I fell in love with Centella and Calendula Extract, so it became natural for me to add them into the toner too.
So this month, we have the lovely basic foundation. A good cleanser and toner, which clean, removes dead skin and prepare the skin for more nourishment to come.  
People with skin issue always ask me what to do with their skin, is there anything special serum etc.  Actually, to have good skin is not that difficult, the basic is to get a good cleanser and toner.  Especially those with sensitive skln, all the more you should care about cleanser.
This month, our bundle sales include the dual cleanse.  Facial wash to do the general cleaning and the toner to remove dead skin.

Usual price is $66 and this month only at $52

Get the bundle offer here 

New Introduction in October

C+ Alpha Arbutin
Many people know what is Vitamin C and the benefits it has for the skin.  But what is Alpha Arbutin or in short we call it AA here?
Alpha Arbutin is a natural substitute for dark spot and pigmentation reduction. Topical application of arbutin inhibits the production of melanin with minimal systemic absorption. Derived from bearberry bush, our Alpha Arbutin is a pure, water soluble form of arbutin and is considered more stable and effective skin whitening ingredient used in modern day skin care product. 
With Vitamin C and AA, we have created a formula to inhibit the production of melanin and repair the skin cell. 
Though we only introduce a low dosage of Vitamin C here, we still recommend that you use it only at night 

C+AA is available from 14th October

Due to overwhelming enquiries, we accept pre-order.  You can place your order here


With the successful launch of Hyaluronic Acid, I am planning to introduce the Hyaluronic Mask before the end of October.
It has always been my dream to launch a salon type soft clay mask where you can mix the powder and apply on your own.  This mask could have cost a bomb in the salon and as usual, I like to make it affordable to you.  
Also, you notice that the label no longer state the ingredient as I am pursuing the trend of e-label to cut the label cost.  You can refer to the website via scanning the QR code to check the ingredient.  
Try it, the information is there including the price.


I have been telling you that Pitera Water is not difficult to duplicate.  This is my answer to it. With rice wine yeast, rose water, red wine extract and pearl powder, not to mention our usual and faithful Vitamin C, E, B3 and B5.  This wonderful water will come in a form of spray.  
Looking forward to it?
I will be launching it between end October to early November depending on my work schedule.


In the pipeline,

if I have time....
  1. Deep Cleanser
  2. Facial Scrub
  3. Scalp Care Shampoo upsize...yes, I have received a lot of request on this.  Customers think that 200ml bottle shampoo is too small.  I am changing them to 300ml and 500ml respectively.

Regarding my class

I have a not so good news to tell you.
I can no longer post my class schedule and collect payment via my current platform as Shopify has penalized me on this and withhold all the payments to me.  Yes, I did not receive any money that all of you has paid me since mid-September and I am eating grass and making products here....

They made me delete the class page, the class items and I did but still no payment from them as they are "reviewing".  Anyway, we have only a few classes left for the rest of the year and most of it has been fully booked.  So, do not be alarmed if you cannot find the class details anymore, I am still here.
This week is very hectic for me but I will definitely find time to look into it and find another way to manage the class.
All the best in October! Be blessed!