March, the third month of the year. Another meaning is to walk with stride.

Life has not been easy since last November, things happened. Each month I hope for the better but it got worst. The vicious cycle went on - up and then down and then up and then down.  I started to close myself up more and more because it is hurting inside, the disappointment, the weariness, the shortfall of expectation, the responsibilities, etc. On the flip side, friends stepped in to help, sensing my non-chirpy self; over and above all, my kids boldly took the test and shield me in every possible way they could.

I now learned, instead of trying to leap out of the pit, I should walk with stride - March. Deal with my issues, one step at a time.

What's new

I am always grateful to have come this far in this business and received so much support from my like-minded customers.  I am definitely not giving up in anyway.  When the kids took over the business last few months, they have made some bold suggestions and changes.  Definitely a fresh injection of ideas such as the loyalty program and recycle program.  A move to have makeup collection in place earlier than I have planned.  I was surprised with how much you like to have safe lipstick, it was almost sold out and we had to replenish the stock quickly.


None of the class has been held so far because of Covid-19 and I certainly hope that the next class will stay. The class in April is about creating your own lip gloss and we are having 10 colors for you to bring home.  There are still a few slots available, do sign up if you are interested in making your own safe lip gloss.  Trust me, once you know how to make your own, there will be no turning back.  It is addictive. Apart from safety and assurance of quality, you can create your own color combination, making it as gifts to giveaway, most importantly, you will save a lot of money for the rest of your life because you no longer need to pay the hefty amount to buy lip gloss.  I used to spend a lot at Sephora each month, so much that I hold a permanent black card.  I have forgotten when did I stop buying cosmetics but I definitely do not need to spend a few hundred every other month anymore.

To sign up, click here - classes

The Team

I am no longer alone in this business, now I have a team to help.  If you have noticed, the photography style is different, the layout of the site is different and many more. I am grateful for the support from the team and from you.

Instead of a leap, I will now MARCH towards my goal.