Yeah, I cannot believe it is June too!


The boxes are here! Yay! I am starting to pack them and I am aiming to send out the first batch this coming week. I like to make receiving a little more fun by having a unboxing competition. Let's talk about prize first:

1st prize - $500 credit from my store

2nd prize - $250 credit from my store

3rd prize - $100 credit from my store

What do you need to do? Post a video of yourself unboxing the items on my FB page and review the products, it doesn't matter if it is on All About Alicia page or Every Day Series Page, by 15th June.  I will collate the videos and ask for a vote, the voter will stand a chance to win a prize too.  So it doesn't matter if you did not participate in the crowdfunding earlier, you still stand a chance to win something.  So remember, get ready to make a unboxing video!

OMG! it is 15% off storewide, what are you waiting for?



A lot of people has approached me the last 6 months regarding the classes that I have stopped for a while.  OK, I heard you and I am starting classes from 1st June onward.  This time with much more info and price includes some tools that you will need as well. 

Here's the schedule:

Saturday, June 8th at 1pm.  A master class that focus on making mask, all kind of mask that will meet your needs at different times.  You will no longer need to buy mask from the store as once you have grasp the idea, you can start to create many more version of the mask.  The fee is $250 per person, if you come in a pair, you pay only $400 for 2.

To sign up, click this link:


Saturday, June 22nd at 1pm.  A class that enable you to make your own mineral makeup from scratch, you no longer need to pay exorbitant price for healthy makeup.  Isn't that a good news?

This course fee is $300 per person and if you come in a pair, you pay only $500.  To sign up, click this link: