Ginger Tea

This homemade wholesome paste is made of ginger, red dates, wolfberries, dried longan and molasses from Okinawa.  The traditional recipe is known to sooth stomach discomfort and help in times of cold.

We have made it into a paste so that you no longer need to standby the stove to cook endlessly for this wonderful drink. All you need is 1 to 2 teaspoon of the paste, depending on your personal preference, and dissolve it in a cup of warm water.

Please note that this paste need to be kept in the fridge at all time since it does not contain any preservatives.


Hawthorn Snacks

Our very popular Hawthorn Snacks would remind you of the HawFlakes that you have eaten when you were a child.  The difference is this is 100% real food, no chemical & no artificial flavors.


Quite a lot of customers tried the sample and requested that I sell this. 


 I have added on this flavor because I think it is nice!  Who wouldn't like peach?