The new year doesn't seems to start well in this new decade. Bad news on war, deadly diseases, CNY happen too early this year and everything seems to be in a rush, my daughter got sick and then I feel sick so badly and unexpectedly that triggered my lifelong eye issue - uveitis. I have it since I was born, my dad has it, my siblings have it, my cousins have it.  Does it have a cure?  I am afraid not.  I was told 30 years ago no cure, even till now still no cure.  I hope it won't happen to my kids.  At least none of our next generation manifest any symptom.
It get triggered under various circumstances, when there is extreme dust in the air or when I have severe flu.  This time, I was under both circumstances and both eyes were triggered. It came quickly and  I cannot open my eyes anymore within the hour because any source of light hurts.  The immediate treatment is to administer eye drops with steroids on a very regular basis.  The next level is Ocular anti-inflammatory injections - injections administered inside of the eye. 
Last Friday, I had my last injection and hopefully my last for the rest of my life.  The vision is still slightly blurred for now and I am constantly tearing, having discharge. I will behave myself and not strain my eyes until I am fully recovered.
So to me, 2020 only start now.  Between mid-Jan till now I seems to be in another realm.  When the world is screaming about coronavirus, I am safely tugged either at home or hospital, being ferried between the two.  When the world is rushing to the supermarket for groceries, I am oblivious to the mad rush until the shelves are emptied and my daughter came home to tell me about it.
I have so many new products planned for 2020 but everything has been put on hold now, as if someone has pressed a pause button in my life, the world moved on in total darkness for a while.  What is not planned is Hand Sanitizers.  I realized that I should make it since I have lots of ingredients on hand but alas, I am restricted by the bottles now and so I have to sell them in bigger bottles.  If you own the smaller vacuum bottles, please consider getting the big bottle to refill.  Just use a chopstick to push the base back down and you can refill the bottle easily.
I meant to launch the lipstick during Valentine's promotion but it has been delayed because of my eyes and also no shipment from China, therefore, no lipstick tubes.  Anyway, I always believe in the right timing.  Apparently, this is not the right time now.
I have not much to say here because I have not been really working. I could only tell you what I am planning for the year.  Maybe you can tell me how do you feel about the products that I have planned and if you have any other suggestion.
Makeup Range
  • All natural plant-based Lipsticks - I have planned for 5 colors
  • Mineral Loose Powder
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Lip Gloss
Rose Collection
  • Rose Oil Makeup Remover
  • Rose Facial Washing Powder
  • Rose Soothing Toner
  • Rose Non-Oil Serum
  • Rose Clay Mask
Hand Care Collection
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Lotion
  • Hand Scrub
  • Cuticle Oil
 Teenage Balancing Range
  • Balance Cleanser
  • Balance Toner
  • Balance Lotion
  • Milk Pearl Clay Mask
  • Deodorant
  • Calming Gel for skin issues



As you are aware of the Coronavirus, I am not sure how will the situation develop by 22nd Feb, our first class of the year.  We will determine if the class can still be held closer to date or we should postpone it if most of you are uncomfortable.  Another issue is the equipment, I have spoken to my forwarder in China and he is not sure if he can send out the items on time since everything has been put on hold for 3 weeks.

I would try to connect with you at some point.  I am still struggling to reply messages etc as I cannot look at the screen directly.  Yes you guessed it right, this message has been typed by elf.

I hope you will have a great month ahead.