I just realised that it is December today when I was booking ticket for Frozen II online.  Ya, my 2 big kids still want to watch this kind of movie with their mum.

November was crazy crazy and ended with the Hoolah drama.  Like any seemingly disaster seems to be striking, it turned out well in the end.  I have a fighting spirit, that is the way I am.  

Christmas sales is still on and last order is 15th December.  If you really like to grab some lovely gifts for your loved ones, please do so before the 15th.

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Last month I have launched the VIP card as well and it has 10% bonus store credit, a luxurious Rose Soothing Toner to be launched in 2020.  Yes, the VIP get them first, that's not all, you get a secret welcome gift as well!  This offer is on-going but the gift changes over time.

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I am scheduling classes for next year. Aiming to start the first class on 22.02.2020.  As you know that the current classes are extremely affordable because I only collect material fees.  I have a lot of new students and I have thoroughly enjoyed the new friendship.  

I have some of the new classes in mind such as Micellar Water, Oatmilk Yoghurt Body Lotion, Deodorant Stick, Toothpaste, Balm Perfum, Mineral Loose Powder, Lip Gloss, Oil Makeup Remover, Handwash, Non-oily Face Serum, Hair Mask, Hair Treatment Oil, Stretchmarks Cream, just name a few and of course you can suggest too.

Look out for it!

Happy December! 

It is the last month of the year and I have so much mixed feeling about this year.  It started off with me hopeful, then I fell ill to the extend that I had memory loss for a period which most of you don't know. It took me a while to fully recover but it followed by a failed crowdfunding. I had to look away for other way to develop the business.  Thank God that the last quarter pick up a lot and I realised that I am moving towards the right direction now.

I am grateful for what is now and I am hopeful for a even better 2020.  Hyaluronic Acid has been a super favorite, flying off my drawer faster than I can replenish.  C+AA is catching up too.  So I am looking into developing more of this range.

At the same time, I will start selling to Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.  If you have any friends there, please tell them about me.

Enjoy the last month of the year