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Before embarking on the entrepreneur journey, I have spent 30 years in business planning, event management, merger & acquisition, marketing, branding and finally platform management. These experiences were collectively accumulated in venture manufacturing, financial sector, luxury industry and the world of Agrochemicals (which totally helped me to understand formulation).

When I have decided to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, the first important task was to create an online presence.  I tried different service providers and paid my school fees, finally settled with Shopify.  I have made inquiries with different agencies to setup the eCommerce platform properly, most of them quoted me more than $10,000 for basic package.  To me, it is a big sum to commit, not to forget, we still have to reserve fund for marketing and future operation.  I was down for a few weeks as I have underestimated the startup cost but I have finally asked myself why can't I do it since my last corporate job was to maintain a digital asset platform?


The first step is to plan a well design site. A site with proper flow. There is no right or wrong design, but a user-friendly site where customers can get interested, engaged and check out the cart.  It depend on the products that you are selling and the target market. We spend time to understand your needs, research the industry best examples and propose our ideas to you. 

We will design the flow of customer carting, payment and logistics.  Manage the auto email messages and creating email marketing. We have a one-stop shop service for logo design, branding, photography and packaging. Not forgetting that we will have after sales coaching so that you can conduct basic maintenance on your own site.   

Unlike any other agencies, we are also running our business online, therefore we have the first hand knowledge of pain point and what works.  We have the day to day operation knowledge to advise you on the blind spots and work on what is practical cum cost savings.  This will help you to take off your operation much faster and easier than you can imagine. Time is money in the business world.


Startup Package and add-ons

Our offer is streamlined into basic package and add-ons. In this way, you only pay for what you need and nothing more.  Here are some of the examples:-

  • a basic package that includes the needs that all the new startup requires
  • add-ons such as landing page creation for your marketing purposes, create shops in social media, blog, testimonies, loyalty programs, booking appointment on site etc
  • Product and styling photography
  • Creating new logo
  • Packaging and label design


We even offer friendly maintenance package where you can depend on us to look after your site, making changes where needed.  That's not all, we can also help you design your campaign.


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