Ever thought of making your own soap?  Tried Castile soap but it is too drying and weird texture? Tried bar soap but you cannot really make it at home unless it is melt & pour? How about making soap deriving from amino acid or also known as surfactant? Most safe brand used the same base to make the popular detergent, hand wash etc

In this class, I will introduce you a few different types of base which is safely derived from apple, corn, coconut and olive oil. The ratio to add and how to mix them in the right sequence.  Once you grasp that, you can make your own safe liquid soap at home as easy as making a cup of tea and save you tonnes of money for the rest of your life.

What's more, your family will thank you for the safe environment you have provided them.

One class not more than 10 people, everyone makes your own set to bring home.

Yes, you get to bring home 5 items and knowledge that last a lifetime for only $300. Bring a partner?  No problem!  In fact, we encourage that as 2 is better than 1!  You will pay $500 for 2 instead of $600.  

Seats are limited, not more than 10 to a class!