T'is the season to do shopping, falalalalalalala!
Welcome to our Christmas page!  I am so excited  for this year's catalog because we have so many new products this year!  I have created sets in $20, $30, $40, $50 and $60, so that you can purchase according to your budget. 
What more, you now have 4 interest free installments with the help of Hoolah with either debit or credit card.
Each set will come with our regular box, ribbon, Christmas card and a little ornament.
Remember to place your pre-order by Friday, 15.11.2019 1159pm!

All items will be delivered between 10 to 15 December.  If you prefer a later date please indicate upon your checkout.


Smacking Trio Lip Balm Set


Hey, a lady can never have enough of lip balm!  It is never a mistake to give someone that as a gift. What more, this super moisturizing lip balm works for gentleman too especially if you want  your man to have smooth lips to kiss you!

You have a choice of Chameleon, Honey Lemon, Cinnamon Orange, Coconut Vanilla, Kiss Suk and Minty Madie.  Just pick any 3 and we will pack it in a nice little pouch for gifting.

Usual Price $30, Christmas offer $20, Savings $10

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Collagen Enriched Set



This set comes with 2 Collagen Mask and a bottle of Rose Water where you can use Rose Water to mix with the clay for extra extra extra extra extra pampering.  Our Collagen Clay Mask is plant based, holding to our strong belief in not using any animal part at all.

Usual Price $43, Christmas offer $30, Savings $13

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Super Glow Set

This is actually our November Bundle Sales too and I am extending this to our Christmas offering.  Our all time favorite Hyaluronic Acid, C+AA and Hyaluronic Acid Mask will definitely set you glowing into 2020. 
Usual Price $52, Christmas offer $40, Savings $12
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Travel Kit

Our always sold out Travel Kit is here for your pre-order, I don't seems to be able to carry enough to meet the demand.  The actual retail price is worth over $80 and I have been selling at $50.  So here it is, mini sizes of our Every Day series for your travel needs.
 Price $50

Spectacular Mask Set

Ooooohhhh this set! Ooooohhhh this set! 
It has 2 Collagen Mask, 2 Hyaluronic Acid Mask and 2 Activated Charcoal Mask with clay bowl and spatula. You can switch around different mask depending on your skin condition.  Shhhhh....there is a secret bonus here (Fairy lights and snowflake are not included)
Usual Price $85, Christmas offer $65 Savings $20

Every Day Series

Our favorite Every Day Set is now on 20% discount during this pre-order period.  ONLY DURING THIS WEEK, OFFER ENDING 15 NOVEMBER.