Sugar Oats Scrub

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My mum used to use oats to wash us, yes, all over the body. She treated it as a form of scrub because we little kids just have too much sticky dirt on us¬†ūü§™¬†Overtime, we have improved the formula.

Last year I taught this in some classes, and it was popular. A lot of people find it very effective but lazy to make. Thus, they started getting me to make and sell it to them. 

This super gentle scrub is suitable for all skin type, face and body; even to be used daily. The skin will brighten up, feeling soft and supple.


Colloidal Oats, Brown Sugar, Walnut Husk, Baking Soda, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin B5 & Frankincense Essential Oil*

*All essential oil used are 100% therapeutic grade

How to use

Spread out some on the desired area and gently rub. you can use it on face and any part of the body because it is so gentle and safe.

What others say

"I have gone for a few sessions of micro-dermabrasion, but no one seems to notice any difference in me. However, my colleague noticed the glow on my face after I have used this scrub.  This is amazing!  It only cost a fraction of the expensive session I have signed up and yet much more effective!"

"So gentle that I can use it every day!"

"My skin feel so soft and clean, love it!"

"the scrub is superb! Love it very much. Can scrub every day and very gentle to the skin."

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