Mineral Loose Powder 07.03.2020


Mineral loose powder is a safer form of makeup.  However, it is not the cheapest form of makeup.  A simple 5g would cost easily $80.  However, making your own is not impossible and in fact fun.  You can create as many shades as you like without killing your future wallet.  How does that sound?

About Me

I have been making my own skincare for a while and products that I have created are well received by many. I like to do a lot of research and create my own formulation, some called me science freak as I find joy in getting the formulation right.  

To me, creating skincare is like cooking.  Once you understand the ingredient, its performance and reaction, you can create as many things as you want from the same ingredients

Therefore, in my class, I don't hand out formula but I prefer to explain the characteristic of the ingredient and how you could use them in many other ways.  If you think you are up for the challenge, join my class.

About Class 

  • Lecture Note
  • 0.01 Digital Weighing Scale
  • Measuring spoon that measure dash, drop, smidgen, pinch and tad
  • Electronic Grinder
  • Palette of mineral oxides
  • Powder base ingredients
  • Powder Container with Puff

*Essential oils are provided in class but not to bring home.  If you are not a young living member and would like to purchase a set of the essential oil in advance, please contact me to discuss.

Class fee is $150.  If you sign up by 31.12.2019 midnight, you get to enjoy 20% early bird discount, which is $120. If you intend to sign up for more than 3 class in 2020, I would recommend you to sign up for the VIP card.  That gives you an extra 10% store credit bonus, a to be launched in 2020 Rose Soothing Toner and a welcome gift.  These 3 items are worth $150


Location, Date & Time

Location: Bishan, 5 min walk from MRT

Date: Saturday, 07.03.2020

Time: 2pm

Duration: 3 hours


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