Making your own Satin Spray

I was asked about Satin Spray yesterday and I did a quick search on what is Satin Spray.  Found a good definition in Sephora site that mentioned 4 reasons why you need Satin Spray.  Basically, they are 1) Hydration for oily skin while having the makeup stay put; 2) Anti-aging; 3) Antioxidant and 4) Pore-refining.

Of course, it is easy for me to find the basic ingredients in the spray and I just LOL because it is so easy to make, anyone of you could do it at home. If you have been buying it, well…maybe I can help you to save some money.  The ingredients are just Rose Water and Niacinamide. Sounds familiar right? We do have everything in store, isn’t it?  In fact, our version is better because it has Panthenol as well.

Basically, you need a good extract which I can offer here with Aloe Vera Water and 2 version of Rose Water - Rose Water and Pure Damascus Rose Extract.  Especially the Rose Water which basically covered the 4 properties mentioned above and cover humectant as well, that with Niacinamide + Panthenol, mix well and you got your spray.  Need to bring it out?  Just buy a small spray bottle and you are covered.

So how much to mix?  Simple, 90% Rose Water and 10% Niacinamide + Panthenol. If you are making a 100ml spray – 90ml Rose Water + 10ml N+P.  I have 2 types of Rose Water, one of course better than the other, thus the difference in pricing.  However, even with the lower grade Rose Water, I believe it has met the grade of Satin Spray sold commercially.  The Pure Damascus Rose Water is definitely sheer indulgence, but be good to yourself ladies.

I have not blogged for a while and not talk about DIY, will make an effort to do so more in future. Recently, there are a lot of requests to start classes again but there is a lot of consideration for me.  What to teach, where to teach, how to teach etc.  I think for now, blog a bit.