How to make a hand sanitizer

Before I share the recipe with you, I like to explain Ethanol.

Some people asked about the difference between the Ethanol sold in the pharmacy and the version that I have. 

The ethanol that I carry is not smelly, unlike those in pharmacy. That is why I call it cosmetic grade. Those in the pharmacy function the same as mine but just that theirs is super smelly for a reason. Historically, some alcoholic abused it. That is why Singapore retail doesn't carry it anymore.

I bought this for making fruit enzyme, perfum and hand sanitizer. Normally, I don't sell the Ethanol on its own. But during this special time, I am selling it.

Ethanol can be made by any plant that has sugar. My version derive from corn.

Myth #1

I have customers telling me that using alcohol is a no no.  As for me, I believe in using it but be sure to buy one with good quality.  Even the big brand that sells essential oil do have alcohol in their spray and hand sanitizer, READ THE LABEL.

Myth #2

I also saw some posting recipes on using vodka, gin etc with witch hazel and EO. Please note that the regular Vodka or gin doesn't work here unless you are using one with at least 70% alcohol content.  However, Singapore does not carry such strong alcohol.  If you ever see any of those videos from USA in any other part of the world, they are not wrong to use Vodka because they are using Vodka with 70% alcohol content.  Unless you can get hold of vodka with 70% alcohol content, otherwise, it doesn't kill bacteria.

So the choice is yours, if you are uncomfortable with Ethanol, just replace the Ethanol with water/aloe vera water/witch hazel, just know that it is not going to be as effective. 

I always tell my student that making skincare is like cooking, just mix the right combination and you will get the right thing. Don't worry about making mistake, you can always salvage it. So let's get started.

This recipe yields 30ml 

How to
  1. Add thieves eo, Vitamin E (or its replacement) and mix well.  You can add Essential Oil extender here if you don't like to see any oil floating.  Actually if you use Ethanol you can skip Essential Oil Extender because Ethanol will emulsify it. Set aside.
  2. Add water and ethanol into aloe vera gel, mix well.
  3. Add step one solution, mix well.

So that was it, a super simple way to make hand sanitizer.  It is better to know how to make your own than to depend on others, isn't it?