How to fully utilise your essential oil

Do you have lots of emptied essential oil bottles at home?

I am sure you do.  I try to think of ways to squeeze the last drop out of the bottle so that I can achieve the greater ROI.

Here's what I do:-

  1. I add water in the empty bottles, leave them alone for a few weeks.  Then I pour them into a spray bottle.  I usually use them as air-freshener.  Free and safe, the only investment is a good spray bottle.
  2. Have a airtight container, layer the bottle with epsom salt, an uncapped empty essential oil bottle, then add epsom salt, another uncapped empty bottle.  You get it, just keep repeating till the bottle is filled.  Leave them a lone for a couple of weeks.  You can use the essential oil infused epsom salt in your bath tub or soak your feet with it.  Again, the investment is low, an airtight bottle and epsom salt. If you are soaking your feet, consider adding castor oil as well as it has anti bacteria and anti fungal properties.