How much essential oil to use

We all like essential oils and we want to add them in our favorite skincare.  However, it doesn't mean that the more you add the better.  If you want to know why, come to one of my class and ask me.  Not that I do not want to explain to you here but it is too technical to explain here.

So, how much is a good amount?

To be honest, every essential oil has different properties and the amount to be added is different.  Again, you need to understand the science of it to know how to formulate it. OK, up to now you must be thinking I am wasting your time.

No, I am trying to provide you a basic guide here.

The basic rule is 1 to 2 drop for every 10ml or 10g of whatever face product you are adding to.  So, if you are adding essential oil to a 50g cream, you can add 5 to 10 drops. If you are adding to body product, you can add up to 3 drops instead, which means 15 drops of essential oil to a 50g cream.


Another point to note is if you are adding essential oil to cream or gel base product, you can add directly and stir well.  However, if you are adding them into a non-oil liquid product, it is best that you mix the solubiliser to essential oil on the side first before you add them in your liquid creation. Otherwise, the essential oil will not be dissolved but floating on top, then each time when you use you need to shake it first, but that introduce air into the product and it is not ideal either.

The essential oil extender is a solubiliser for such purpose, unfortunately it is such a popular product that it run out of stock most of the time. You can use it in a non-oil serum, toner, perfum, shampoo and hairspray If you are interested, drop me a note to put your name on waiting list.